VERSO Coupè -ALMOND-Reversible Baby stroller ● BACIUZZI PLATINUM ●

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VERSO Coupè ALMOND CIPRIAthe reversible stroller with RAISED SITTING ● BACIUZZI ●reversible handle, fully reclining back, and raised seat suitable from the first days of life. 
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Baby stroller VERSO Coupè

EXTRAORDINARY NEW STROLLER of the BACIUZZI brand: stroller with reversible handle, fully reclining back, and HIGH SEAT, allows you to walk the newborn, FRONT MOM, above the car exhausts !!! For these characteristics, suitable from the first days of life,  homologated from 0 to 36 months, comfortable for the newborn, and very comfortable for parents, who have the possibility of walking the newborn in front, and so under control, together with the use of a stroller of only kg. 6.9, so practical and versatile!

VERSO can be closed with one hand, and is equipped with a double lock to keep it closed.

Removable, washable, equipped with hood (with porthole and pocket for objects), anti-UV mosqito net, coordinate mama bag, leg cover and rain cover, adapt for all seasons.

Equipped with 5-point retention belt

Pratical lower glove basket with the possibility of loading up to Kg.3.

Reference to compliance with GB14748 of 2006.

Stroller measures open: 106 * 76,5 * 54,4 cm.

Stroller measures closed: 79 * 46 * 54,4 cm.

Seat height from the floor: cm.55

Packing sizes: 48.5 * 27 * 76 cm.

Internal measurement of the seat: width 35 cm-length 65 cm + footrest 20 cm.

Height of the handle from the ground: 106 cm.

The wheel brake is located on the handle's right side, and is conveniently operated by hand in both driving positions.

Net weight without accents Kg. 6.9

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